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Meet the Artist 

Reggie Wayne is a motivational visual artist from Memphis, TN. While residing in Nashville, TN, Reggie is passionate about sharing a creative perspective on past & current culture, world truths, and history. He uses his gift to create art that inspires self-reflection, affirmations, emotional expression, and healing. As a child, he always drew and painted different things that piqued his interest. Reggie has been an avid curator, intentional about his gift, and taking his love for creating art to the next level. 


 His mission is to give motivational messages through art that help people heal from everyday struggles, uplift black culture, and encourages people to change their negative habits, move with a purpose and be at peace. 


Reggie encourages himself with a daily reminder painted on the wall in his studio: “PUT YOURSELF ON.” This mantra won’t let him forget that if he wants new clients and opportunities, he has to do the work and get them himself. As a result, he has expanded his network by partnering with various small businesses to create unique and custom pieces.

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