Meet the artist: 

reggie wayne

Reggie Wayne is a Memphis native & upcoming artist, who comes from a family who is passionate about arts and crafts. As a child he was always drawing and painting different things that peaked his interest. Since November 2018 he has been more intentional about his gift and taking his love for creating art to the next level. 

The inspiration for the art he creates, comes from his everyday surroundings, the culture and other artists.

Over the last few months he has partnered with various small businesses in the Virginia area to create custom pieces. In addition to working with small businesses, he creates custom paintings for sale that have been posted on his Instagram page @reggiewayne_1.

In order to expand his art portfolio and create something new and unique for his customers, he is always challenging himself to step outside of the box. This has led to the creation of his most popular piece, the 3ft African flat sculpture, which is created with paints, various crystals and glass.


He considers himself to be a spontaneous new-age artist, who has an appreciation for the process of bringing his vision into creation.

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